Stove Prairie Ranch and the picturesque valleys surrounding this unique property have a rich history dating back to the Ute Indians who hunted deer, elk and bison here.

In 1828, Northern Colorado’s first settlement in Laporte (French for “the door”), quickly became the gateway to the Rockies, with the trail heading west along what is now Old Flowers Road, and directly through Stove Prairie Ranch.

According to legend, the name Stove Prairie was derived from several iron stoves abandoned on the prairie as pioneers realized they would have to lighten their loads in order to cross the Great Continental Divide.

In 1896, Stove Prairie Ranch was established with the first homestead and school being built on the existing property. To this day, Stove Prairie School remains as the oldest operating school house in Colorado.

Over the next century, cattle & timber were the driving forces of Stove Prairie Ranch and by mid- century, its’ unique brand was widely recognized throughout these industries.

The original brand can still be found amongst some of our historic, stone buildings with burnt etchings branded into the timber walls of the cottage and a stunning impression crafted from stone within the external wall of our lower barn.

In 1990, Stove Prairie Ranch was purchased by a new owner who converted the property into a world class horse-breeding facility, transforming the natural ecosystems, enhancing the pastures and refurbishing the original buildings & barns.

What stands today, is an ecological & architectural masterpiece which preserves the ranch’s history and rustic character, blended with modern, luxurious facilities and a unique location.

After 123 years, Stove Prairie Ranch has opened its doors as Northern Colorado’s premier destination venue for weddings, elopements, private functions, corporate events and retreats.

Welcome to Stove Prairie Ranch.